This module lays a foundation for research in the field of New Testament by provi­ding a bird’s-eye overview of the history of New Testament scholarship and the research methodologies employed in the field.

  • Identify, distinguish, and evaluate historical trends, schools of thought, and methodologies in the field of NT studies.
  • Critically evaluate diverse scholarly methods and arguments with respect to NT introductory issues.
  • Critically compare and use NT research methodologies to explore faith questions and expound the NT in context.

This is the foundational Honours module in Old Testament studies. It provides a broad introduction to the OT as a research field in theology. After a brief overview of the content of the OT, the course contains units on the canon of the OT and on hermeneutics for studying the OT. It also has units dealing in-depth with how to study the OT as (a) history, (b) literature, and (c) theology.

This course is designed to assist students who desire to continue their postgraduate academic careers. Basic skills in research and project writing on the BTh Honours level will be mastered. Students will implement the principles of academic writing to produce a Research Project in one of the theological sub-fields offered by SATS.

This is an orientation module to Systematic Theology as a discipline of study. It begins with a required reading component that constitutes a review (or crash course) in the essential doctrines of the Christian faith. Then it allows you to choose a topic in the domain of systematic theology and write a research paper on it.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Critique the popular belief that there is a ‘mortal conflict’ between science and theology in the light of a historical review of the debate.
  2. Articulate and defend a theological understanding of Genesis 1–3 that is biblically faithful and scientifically plausible.
  3. Evaluate selected models and arguments advanced to explain the origin of the universe.
  4. Assess major models for explaining the relationship between the doctrine of creation and the theory of evolution against scriptural and scientific evidence.