All undergraduate courses belonging to the Higher Certificate in Christian Life, Diploma in Biblical Studies, and Bachelor of Theology programmes are listed under the banner of the Bachelor of Theology.

Introduction to Biblical Hebrew at SATS is comprised of two twelve credit modules, each with a duration of approximately six months.  The first year of Biblical Hebrew will give the student a mastery over most of the grammar of Biblical Hebrew and most vocabulary occurring 75 times or more in the Hebrew Bible.  However, though Hebrew 1 will give the student a good foundation, it will not be sufficient for competency in reading and translation without some dependence on computer tools or an English translation and lexicon.  For this reason, students are encouraged to commit to all four Hebrew modules over the course of two years.

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course the student should be able to:

  • Read and pronounce pointed Biblical Hebrew
  • Translate and parse all Qal verbs (68.8% of all Hebrew verbs) with the help of a lexicon
  • Use simple Hebrew greetings

The required textbook, Basics of Biblical Hebrew, 2nd edition, may be purchased in South Africa from Christian Book Discounters.  Students from other countries may also find this book on Amazon.  You may use the first edition, though there are a few differences which will become apparent throughout the course.