These are the courses for the Higher Certificate in Christian Counselling.

Welcome to the Higher Certificate in Christian Counselling. This program will not only enrich you as a person, but will contribute to your own personal and spiritual growth as a Christian. It will equip you for the ministry of counselling in the church as a pastoral or lay counsellor. The modules in this higher certificate program will help you discover realities about your own life, about your family of origin, and about your present relationships. It will also give you the tools to have a more Spirit-controlled and committed life, and those involved in ministry and caring will be equipped to serve well and to minister more effectively.

The Higher Certificate in Christian Counselling consists of a Core curriculum of six modules (72 credits) and four Electives (48 credits) chosen from the available modules. Three core modules and some of the electives are second year courses (level 6). Please review the program mission, outcomes, and composition in the program overview document.

You can view more information about the Certificate by enrolling yourself for this "Certificate Overview and Introduction" course. It's free, and there are no obligations or requirements of you. To do so, enter the self-enrolment password: open