In Part One, you will be introduced to children's ministry and will hopefully open your eyes to the richness and value of children in the Bible and Christian community. You will also gain understanding of the implications of Christian ministry with children – what, where, and how it happens.

In Part Two, the course will give an overview of how to take the gospel and effectively relate it to different youth cultures. The goal of this training will be to implement a programme in the youth ministry that will encourage youth to live a lifestyle of initiating new relationships with people with the goal of leading them to Christ.


By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the biblical basis of children's ministry
  • Understand basic contexts and processes in children’s ministry
  • Evaluate the ministry needs and opportunities of children in a specific situation
  • Accurately define the life stage ‘youth’. Demonstrate understanding current youth culture.
  • Define the youth cultures/sub-cultures in their area.Relate youth culture to ministry of youth.
  • Influence the integration of youth into the local church.
  • Understand western influence on African youth.