This is a practical course about how to study the Bible. We shall spend the opening unit laying some theoretical foundations, but after that the course will focus on showing you step-by-step how to study the Bible.

We have been selective in what we have chosen to cover in the course. We chose to focus on the two most common and important types of Bible study: (a) devotional study and (b) passage study. There are many important forms of Bible study that we have opted not to cover in-depth—not because they are unimportant, but because we want to cover the two foundational methods in enough depth for you to have a good grasp of how to do them by the end of the course. For this reason, we chose not to dedicate units to how to do a book study, a topical study, or a character study.

The course focuses on English Bible study. You do not need to learn Greek or Hebrew (the original languages in which the Bible was written), to use the methods we are teaching. Learning the languages is helpful, and necessary if one wishes to master some advanced study methods and tools, but we can do serious Bible study using English Bibles and tools.