This course targets existing and emerging Christian leaders and focuses on (a) defining and understanding the nature of biblical leadership, (b) exploring leadership in the New Testament, and (c) becoming a biblical leader. 

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Define and explain the basic elements of leadership as expressed in the context of Christian ministry.
  • Identify and describe leadership purposes, strategies, model(s), characteristics, roles, and responsibilities in the New Testament with a view toward assessing your own leadership and identifying areas in which development is needed.
  • Analyse and evaluate church and ministry leadership in light of scholarly definitions of biblical leadership and the leadership purposes, strategy, model(s), characteristics, and practices exemplified by Jesus, Paul, and Peter.
  • Describe and explain the various characteristics of a biblically transformed leader and the process by which biblical leaders emerge.
  • Assess your own level of transformation as a Christian leader and design an intentional personal growth strategy in cooperation with the Holy Spirit and other leaders to facilitate your own development as a biblical leader.