Survey of Church History is a 12-credit course requiring approximately 120 hours of study time. The course will traverse the history of the church from its beginning up to the development of evangelicalism. All required literature is provided through SATS's e-library on EBSCOhost or as PDF files. You do not have to purchase a textbook; instead you will need to learn to use the EBSCOhost library and a suitable reader application that handles digital licences.

There are three study units in this course, and each is intended to be done in one month (unit 1 in the first month, unit 2 in the second month and unit 3 in the third month). Unit 1 is intended to impart understanding on how church history is written in order that you may know how to read it with discernment. In unit 2, you will take a quick survey of a church history, that is, a particular author's presentation of church history. Finally, in unit 3, you get to be the historian and write some church history yourself, albeit only from secondary sources.

By the end of this course, you will be able to: 

  1. Discuss
    • various ways in which church history is selected and arranged by writers of history.
    • history writers' own perspectives (including religious experiences and convictions), biases and agendas when you read history.
  2. Explain, with reference to actual historical events, why you value church history:
    • for Christian devotion, acknowledging God's work and faithfulness in spite of human frailty and faithlessness;
    • for appreciating both earlier generations of believers and other Christian faith traditions;
    • for responding wisely to current situations in, or affecting, the church.
  3. Write a balanced and coherent account of a substantial period of church history based on secondary sources.
You may wish to access the course's main textbook before enrolling for the course. It is A New History of Christianity by Hans Hillerbrand (2012). If you are already registered as a SATS student, you can find instructions on using our online library in the Information Kiosk on MySats. Look under the heading Student Guides for instructions on using EBSCOhost. For software to read the e-books, we recommend Adobe Digital Editions (ADE). You will need an Adobe ID which you can create for free on the Adobe website if you don't already have one. Also, if you don't have the ADE software, you will need to download and install it, and then "authorize" it with your e-mail address and Adobe ID. All that may sound daunting, but it's worth the effort because it gives you access to our huge e-library which you can use for all your SATS studies.