This course provides an overview study of Christian Ethics as a field. It explores the differences between Biblical ethics and Christian ethics, contrasts Western and African ethics, and examines a selection of ethical issues. The outcomes for this course are as follows:


  • Define the differences between selected ethical theories.
  • Explain the similarities and dissimilarities between African ethics and Western ethics.
  • Identify ethical theories that are in conflict with the Bible in particular and Christian ethics in general.
  • Appropriate morality (ethics) as defined in the Bible as a way of life both personally and publicly.
  • Apply ethical principles to practical scenarios in a ministry and community context.
  • Classify and summarize current ethical issues and think critically about existing practices and suggest ways of improving or rectifying the moral dilemma.
  • Assess, interpret and write a research paper on a prescribed topic in Christian Ethics.
Attitudes and Values
  • Appreciate the role of the Bible in formulating ethical theories.
  • Welcome competing ethical views as an aid for contextualising and presenting your own view.