Relationships - Marriage and Family Counselling Module is designed to provide the caregiver (pastor, lay-counsellor) with a bio-psycho-social-spiritual understanding of singleness, dating and the choosing of a marriage partner, the marital relationships, family relationships, and relationship breakdown. It will introduce the student to the theory and theology of couples, marriage and family counselling, and provide an understanding of pre-marital, couples, marriage, family, and divorce counselling from a lay and pastoral perspective. Lay and pastoral care-givers will be equipped with the necessary skills to make an assessment of the marital relationship, assist couples with their marital relationship, understand the causes of divorce and remarriage, understand family issues; assist dysfunctional families, and understand sexuality in relationships. Although not trained as M & F Therapists, Lay and Pastoral Counsellors will be able to come alongside people with relationship issues with supportive caregiving, and will be able to counsel within the boundaries of their training.