This course is intended for lay counsellors who are interested in exploring a Christian Wellness approach - the interface of Spirituality and current Wellness theory and practices.

Interest in Wellbeing is rapidly growing in our society, as people seek meaning in their lives and a more holistic approach to living, healing, and wellness. Understandably, many lay counsellors do not focus on pathology and therapy for people with moderate to severe mental disorders, but to rather focus on Positive Psychology and Wellness with the goal of moving reasonably well-functioning individuals to optimal functioning. The focus is more on preventing the loss of physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing, than are care, cure and therapy.  

It must be understood that a wellbeing approach does not offer a treatment modality for people who are mentally disordered and in need of professional therapy. Neither does spiritual directing’ offer miraculous healing for those individuals. Wellness Counselling – personal and spiritual growth – can augment therapy for individuals already suffering from mental illness, but its focus is much more directed towards prevention and coming alongside already healthy individuals and helping them be optimally functioning


The Introduction to Wellness Counselling focuses on a wellness approach to Christian caregiving and counselling for lay counsellors.

The course will explore various aspects of spirituality, as it impacts our health at the level of body, mind, and spirit. An integrative bio-psycho-social-spiritual concept of wellbeing is explored.

This course endeavours to equip lay counsellors to come alongside healthy individuals with a prevention and optimally functioning approach - helping individuals grow to peak personal and spiritual wellbeing.