This Higher Certificate Course in Christian Counselling, “Medicine, Health and Healing,” explores, from an integrated theology and psychology perspective, the history of healing in the church, and the development of modern psycho-pharmaceuticals.

It introduces the pastor and lay counsellor to the principles of action and categorical analysis of psychoactive-drugs; their physiological, psychological, and societal effects. The theological and psycho-spiritual implication of the use of psychotropic medications are explored.

The course will equip lay-caregivers with sufficient knowledge in the application and limitation of psycho-pharmaceutical interventions – enabling them to provide compassionate supportive care to those who are receiving mental health care from professionals.

Why is this course included in the Higher Certificate in Christian Counselling?
Counselling (Care and Cure) and Therapy (healing) are important concepts in Christian counselling. The historical understanding of these concepts in the church have been challenged by the phenomenal advances made in medical science and the treatment of physical and mental illnesses. It is important that pastoral and lay counsellors (you the student-counsellor in this program) have a basic understanding of the issues concerning health and healing, and the use of medication - especially the psychotropic medications used to treat mental illnesses ...
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