How can I download my marked assignment from Feedback Studio with instructor comments?

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In addition to viewing your marked assignment on Turnitin, learners may wish to download a copy for future reference.   There are two different versions of a paper that one may wish to download, each with different content.

The first report relates to the originality of your paper.  This is generated by Turnitin's Originality service, so it does not include feedback from your marker, nevertheless a student may find this useful if they need to revise the paper to be in compliance with proper citation standards.

The second report relates to the actual feedback from your lecturer on your paper.  This may relate to general comments about formatting or content from the Quickmark section, specific comments and overall feedback, and details from rubric marking.

Both reports may be downloaded by first clicking on either the Originality tab or the Grademark tab.  From this point the instructions to download each report is the same:

Follow these steps and screenshots:

  1. Login to MySats
  2. Proceed to the course and assessment in question
  3. Where your assignment appears, click the similarity index or rubric icon.
  4. In the new window, select the icon with the speech bubble.
  5. Click the download arrow.
  6. Select "Current View"

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