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Each academic year is comprised of four consecutive terms of three months each. SATS' academic year runs from 1 February every year till the 31 January the following year, and is named according to the calendar year in which it starts. (That is, the 2012 academic year runs from 1 February 2012 to 31 January 2013.)

Most tertiary education institutions offer their courses over the duration of a semester (6 months), but their students are usually studying full-time. Most SATS students are studying part-time, and SATS has learned that part-time students are more likely to progress through their study programmes faster if they study their courses in series (one after another) rather than in parallel (two or more at a time). Therefore, instead of running our courses over a semester, most SATS courses are run for one term. That means that part-time students usually aim to complete one course per term, rather than studying two semester-long courses at the same time. (Both approaches result in four courses completed in one year, but part-time students succeed better studying in series.)

In the past, SATS divided its semesters into two terms called 1A and1B for the first semester (February to July) and 2A and 2B in the second semester (August - January). These are now simply referred to as Terms 1-4.


Old name

New name

1 February - 30 April

Semester 1A

Term 1

1 May - 31 July

Semester 1B

Term 2

1 August - 31 October

Semester 2A

Term 3

1 November - 31 January

Semester 2B

Term 4

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