forum; fora

A forum (pl. fora) on MySats is an online discussion where students and lecturers can post and respond to questions relating to course subject matter.  A forum differs from a chat in that it is:

  1. often asynchronous (interactions or posts occur at different times), whereas a chat typically occurs in real time,
  2. often longer than a chat, consisting of more formal writing style and argumentation,
  3. archived for a period of time for reference later, whereas a chat is not often archived.

The prescribed writing convention for forum interactions is similar to that of an essay.  You should avoid colloquialisms or text (sms) talk in favour of complete sentences.  Forums posts should also attempt to contribute to the overall thread or conversation, rather than introduce new topics that are unrelated to the prevailing subject matter.

For a discussion of the various forum types, please see the glossary entries below:

Standard Forum

Simple Discussion

Question and Answer

Each person posts one discussion

Blog Like Format

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