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Blank course presentation

(Last edited: Tuesday, 25 September 2018, 1:03 PM)
Help!  I cannot see my course lectures on the counseling courses, even though it worked before!

Do not despair.  There is a known problem with the Scorm presentations on the counseling courses, but it only happens if you have flash disabled.  In order to fix this problem follow the steps below as appropriate to your browser:


  1. Click the padlock in the address bar as pictured:
  2. Click flash option to allow
  3. Click Allow


  1. Go to opera://settings/contentExceptions#plugins
  2. Add with the behaviour "Allow"


  1. Make sure you have flash installed.  You may download it here:
  2. Whilst in Safari press ⌘ and , (comma) at the same time to open your browser preferences
  3. go to the security tab (or Websites Tab for Safari 11)
  4. Click "Plug-in Settings" on the bottom
  5. Make sure Flash is enabled
  6. Add to the allowed sites (see screenshot)


  1. Make sure you have flash installed.  You may download it here:
  2. Go to about:addons in your address bar
  3. click plugins
  4. Where "Shockwave Flash" is listed make sure the settings says "Ask to Activate"

Internet Explorer

Do not use Internet Explorer.  Just about anything else will work better, including an old pair of shoes.  Seriously, just use a different browser.